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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Upgrade your Décor

If you want to give your home or office a Spring Freshen-Up, but don’t have the time to do a major project, here are five quick and easy ways to make a big impact.


Just changing the paint color will have a dramatic effect and give your space a whole new look. Keep in mind other objects in the room that will either coordinate with your new color or need to be updated to match.

Garage Converted to Family Room Before and After Paint Job

2. ART

Replacing or adding new artwork to your interior will uplift the ambiance. The colors, shapes and subject matter can provide a lifetime of pleasure. Each time you revisit the piece you may find new areas of appreciation. Art is a two-way street. You connect with it in your way, and it reflects your taste at the same time, so be brave and indulge yourself with some great art.

Outdoor Patio Deck Before and After - Wall Art from Crate & Barrel


I cannot emphasize enough how important throw pillows are. They can easily take a color and dot it around a room pulling a theme through. This is where you want to put your accent color and coordinate that with either an accent wall, curtains, area rug, candle sticks or other decorative items. Throw pillows are the thread to tie your whole look together.

The green outdoor pillows add life to the scene. The leafy texture ties in with the outdoors, the grass trees plants and bushes. These white patterned throw pillows bring this sofa to life and pick up a bit of the bright orange. Sofa, stools and throw pillows from Ikea


Flowers and plants, whether real or artificial, give life to your dwelling. As humans we yearn for the great outdoors and well-placed arrangements can deliver that indoor / outdoor feel. For taller rooms, trees are great at enhancing the height by drawing your eye upwards. For tables and countertops, smaller arrangements in gorgeous planters, vases and creative containers, bring a sense of calm and joy to your location. Several in an area weave a garden like effect into your scene.

The bronze planter coordinates with the Trex deck, while the greenery on top ties in with the throw pillows. Mixing the two tones of green adds dimension. The outdoor spikey tree is water tolerant and adds a cool Palm Springs look. The tree is from Ikea and the planter is from Crate & Barrel. I added the white rocks for a finished effect. The green pot is plastic and was relatively inexpensive, but I made it look lush with succulents that I bought at a local hardware store. The key to the arrangement is the tallest plant in the middle and I used some red to break up the green and patterns the low plants around. On the bottom is a cool bowl that I found and I filled it with balls of moss. To keep the moss balls looking fresh outdoors, I occasionally spray paint them.


A gorgeous bowl of fruit never goes out of style. A modern tall cylinder, and vertical trough, a footed vase all will enhance your locale. The key is to stick to one kind of fruit per container to create a color burst. Oranges, lemons, limes, and apples red or green, all work great and can be either real or fake.

To create an attractive "fruit as decor" display, choose a unique container, make sure the fruit looks good enough to eat, and the containers look full.

With Spring just around the corner, your new fresh look awaits. Create massive change by implementing these 5 Simple and Easy Tips to upgrade any Décor. You will create your “Happy Place” in no time. A place you will truly enjoy and cherish.


By Karen Fishof

Karen is an artist and decorator living in Los Angeles and the founder of


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